Saturday, May 29, 2010


This one's really hard. Well maybe not for students of WW2 characters. It's from The Crooked Cross by Michael Dean (Quaestor2000) a must read if this period in European history grabs you. Click here to find out more about Michael Dean and his works centred on the Jewish Experience, or here to The Crooked Cross on Amazon UK.
‘I got him to draw,’ Ello said. ‘The key is his architectural drawings, not the watercolours. They are done using eidetic memory, and at speed. They are perfect in proportion. He draws the same subject again and again, starting with small detail and working outward. The buildings he draws have strong linear perspective, often multiple perspective, using colour to fill in defined areas only, like the yellow on his drawing of the Old Residence. All this is typical of autistic artist-savants.’ 

Who am I? Or rather of whom does Ello speak? Click 'comment' below with your answer.


Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler

lordteaspoon said...

Naughty, being anon... are you trying to tell us that Hitler was an artist? What does everyone else think?

Anonymous said...

Definitely Hitler. He was an artist and an architect.