Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This answer is among the toughest yet, unless you really know your kings and queens, although there is a multiple choice to help you along. It's from Michael Dean's brilliant 'Hirschfeld's Friends'. The novel tells the enthralling and little known story of the Amsterdam ghetto and the only civilian strike against Nazi occupation. It also features the moral dilemma of the Secretary of State for Economic Affairs during the Nazi occupation of Holland, Hans-Max Hirschfeld. He was a Jew and the Nazis knew that. (Read more about Hirschfeld's Friends and The Crooked Cross.)

The question is, who is the queen in this passage?

Robert was sitting with Queen [X], at a tea-table on the lawn, in the shade of a chestnut tree. He sat with his back to the Dutch royal residence, a mews house in Chester Square, just behind Buckingham Palace. The house, number 77, had recently been hit by a bomb. The damage had been repaired, but the Queen would not let it be repainted, because repainting would not be possible for ordinary citizens back home. She also refused to eat any food not available to her suffering people.

‘Are you still dead set on going back, Robert?’ the Queen asked him.

‘Yes, ma’am.’

Who is the queen? Click comment below and give your answer, opinions and reminiscences welcome.

a) Juliana of the Netherlands
b) Queen Elizabeth
c) Wilhelmina of the Netherlands


Mike Burr said...

Wilhelmina, mother.mother-in-law of Beatrice? A great lady.

Ron said...


lordteaspoon said...

Welcome Ron, good to see you here. OK Mike, Ron, it wasn't so hard... was it a good guess or something you know about?

Michael Badger-Ward said...

Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, an assumption.