Monday, October 11, 2010


Apologies dear followers, contributors and general readers, but I am suspending this Blog as of today, October 11th 2010. Hell no, I hear the world cry, how can we live without those Who Am I?/Where Am I? historical fiction excerpts? 

The fact is, I've just realised that even if I write 1000 words a day of my third novel, every day, it will be Christmas before I finish the first draft. On top of that, there's still so much research I must do. Everything else, including world travel, trainspotting and camel-racing, must now play second fiddle or more accurately, no fiddle at all. 
(The exception is rugby and the Ashes cricket tour to Australia of course, let's not be silly here).

But the Blog has to go. By that I mean all the effort of sourcing material and posting. I'll leave it 'live' just in case anyone wants to send me a contribution, either from a novel they've read or one they've written -- find me via my website contact page or email me direct. All posts here are still open for comment of course.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed - your books remain available for purchase on this page. And the free ebook offer for Libertas and Goliath remains open to all visitors for now.

See you in Jan 2011!

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Wendy Bertsch said...

You should think about recycling the inevitable outtakes that will hit the cutting room floor while you refine your new book, in a new blog. Think what a shame it would be to let them go to waste!